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Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability (PSTLES)

  • Published on February 19, 2021
The PSTLES initiative was introduced in 2006 to improve resource efficiency across the public sector and demonstrate the Government's commitment towards environmental sustainability. Under the PSTLES initiative, public sector agencies have been encouraged to put in place environmental sustainability measures that encompass energy efficiency, water efficiency, recycling, and green procurement. In 2014, the PSTLES initiative was enhanced to encourage agencies to focus attention on sustainability outcomes and to put in place organizational processes to manage resource use. Some of the key enhancements include requiring each Ministry to appoint a Sustainability Manager, set sustainability targets for each financial year, and to develop a resource management plan to meet the targets. PSTLES demonstrates Singapore's commitment and long-term view in resource efficiency. In 2021, PSTLES will be further refreshed to raise the bar on sustainability in Singapore and demonstrate the public sector's leadership in transitioning Singapore to a low-carbon and sustainable future.
Under PSTLES, public sector agencies are expected to pursue additional measures to further reduce their resource consumption such as energy, waste and water. Our green procurement policies would also catalyse the supply of more efficient products and encourage more businesses to adopt sustainable practices. By demonstrating leadership in environmental sustainability, the Government will have more credibility in rallying businesses and citizens to actively practice sustainability.

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