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Sustainable Consumption for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

  • Published on December 21, 2021

This report summarises the state of knowledge on the impacts of current consumption patterns on biodiversity and ecosystem services and gives an overview of recommendations for policy action and proposed measures. Good and best practice examples of communication on sustainable consumption for biodiversity and ecosystem services are given, including business outreach and NGO campaigns. To foster a transition towards nature-friendly consumption, cooperation of key actors will be essential. Hence, the report also includes an overview of international networks, cooperations and initiatives of relevant stakeholders.

The information presented in this paper is a result of a review of the most relevant and recently available scientifc and technical literature on the impacts of consumption on biodiversity and ecosystem services in selected sectors. In addition, an analysis of relevant communication campaigns, activities and actors working on the topic of biodiversity, ecosystem services and consumption in selected consumption fields was carried out. The report provides the following information

  • A review of the current state of research on the impacts of consumption on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • An overview of the recommendations and main action lines for reducing impacts on biodiversity in selected consumption felds as a result of the literature review
  • A media analysis of recent communication measures regarding the effects of consumption on biodiversity and ecosystem services and a selection of good practice examples for communicating recommendations for action and cooperation
  • An overview of international networks, cooperation and initiatives of various social stakeholders engaging in biodiversity and sustainable consumption and making efforts to communicate these issues.

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