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Summary of UNEP's "Little Book of Green Nudges" Now Accessible in Thai Language

  • Published on September 11, 2023
The Little Book of Green Nudges is a publication that was developed by UNEP in collaboration with universities to promote sustainable practices and behaviours among students, faculty, and staff which would have a trickledown effect on the wider community. The book offers a range of practical suggestions for promoting sustainability in universities and society. These "green nudges" are subtle yet effective ways to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours on campus and foster long-term environmental values.

During World Environment Day in June 2023, the GO4SDGS initiative in the Asia Pacific region and the Chula Zero Waste Initiative jointly organized a dialogue on green nudges. As a follow-up to this event, the Green Youth Thailand translated a summarized version of the "Little Book of Green Nudges" into Thai. The translation's primary goal is to raise awareness and inspire Thai youth to employ green nudges in promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Indeed, the translation of "The Nudges" from the "Little Book of Green Nudges" into Thai represents a notable advancement in advocating for sustainable lifestyles.

Green nudges, which are non-monetary incentives that guide people towards more sustainable decisions, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Studies have shown that these nudges can be effective in influencing individuals' actions towards environmentally friendly choices. For example, making the default option a sustainable one, such as having laundry washed in cold water by default, can lead to a significant increase in the number of people who choose that option. Similarly, social comparison, such as displaying the water usage of different dishes on a restaurant menu, can help people to make more sustainable choices. Finally, creating a sense of commitment, such as asking people to sign a pledge to reduce their environmental impact, can also be an effective way to promote sustainable be

The use of nudges has been found particularly effective in larger social contexts, such as universities, workplaces, and public institutions. By incorporating minor changes in the decision-making process, nudges can steer individuals towards better choices and habits.

With the availability of the summarized version of the "Little Book of Green Nudges" in Thai, a wider audience can now benefit from its application in

promoting environmentally responsible behaviour on university campuses, in workplaces, and across public spaces in Thailand. This translation marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

To View/download the Thai Nudges:

Thai Green Nudges


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